HOSA GLT-255 Mic Ground Lifter XLR 3 Pin Female to XLR 3 Pin Male


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HOSA GLT-255 Ground Lifter: Essential Tool for Clean, Hum-Free Audio

Introducing the HOSA GLT-255 Ground Lifter, a crucial accessory for any audio professional seeking to eliminate ground loop interference and achieve pristine sound quality. This compact, no-fuss device is designed to effectively remove hum and buzz caused by ground loops in audio systems, ensuring your setup delivers clear and uninterrupted audio.

Key Features:

  • Effective Ground Loop Isolation: The GLT-255 is expertly engineered to tackle and eliminate ground loop hum. By safely interrupting the ground loop, it prevents unwanted noise, preserving the integrity of your audio signal.

  • Universal XLR Compatibility: Designed with standard XLR connectors, the GLT-255 easily integrates into a variety of professional audio setups. Whether it's for microphones, mixers, amplifiers, or PA systems, this ground lifter is the perfect fit, ensuring compatibility and seamless operation.

  • Simple, Direct Solution: With its straightforward design, the GLT-255 is incredibly user-friendly. It requires no external power or complex configurations – just plug it in between your devices, and it instantly starts working to clean up your audio.

  • Compact and Highly Portable: The small size of the GLT-255 makes it an ideal tool for mobile setups and touring rigs. It's easy to carry and can be quickly added to any setup, making it a must-have for live sound engineers, recording studios, and musicians on the go.

  • Durable and Reliable: Constructed with HOSA's renowned quality, the GLT-255 is built to last. Its sturdy design ensures reliability and longevity, even in the most demanding environments.

Ideal for Various Audio Environments: The HOSA GLT-255 Ground Lifter is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to combat ground loop issues in live sound reinforcement, studio recording, broadcasting, and home audio systems. Its effectiveness in preserving audio quality makes it a valuable addition to any audio toolkit.

Product Specifications:

  • Connector Type: XLR Female to XLR Male
  • Function: Ground Loop Isolation
  • Compact, Durable Design

Ensure the clearest audio in your professional or home audio setup with the HOSA GLT-255 Ground Lifter – your simple solution for eliminating hum and enhancing sound quality.

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