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We offer Free Shipping on most orders over $125 to the contiguous United States. Orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii are excluded.

Free Shipping does not apply to heavy items like Bulk cable, some heavy or long cables, Racks and some Rack Equipment.

Although you can add excluded Free Shipping items to your Free Shipping Order, it will not count towards your qualifying total, and once the rest of your order exceeds the Free Shipping threshold, the shipping will show for just the items that are excluded from the Free Shipping offer.

If you purchased enough items to qualify for the Free Shipping discount, and then later returned some or all of the items bringing your total below the Free Shipping threshold, then the original shipping amount will be deducted from your refund.

Free Shipping orders are usually shipped via UPS Ground Service, but sometimes we use USPS to remote locations.

Free Shipping orders can not be shipped to PO Boxes.

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High Speed HDMI Cables

High Speed HDMI Cables
We know picking the correct HDMI cable can seem difficult, especially when it seems like the choices are confusing. We guarantee that any of our cables listed here, will give you a perfect signal, when hooked up from a good source to a display. If you are running the cable in a wall, then you should select a cable that says In-Wall Rated, or CL-2, CL-3. If you are running the cable through conduit, and the conduit is in-wall rated, then any cable would be fine. If you are using couplers, splitters or wall plates, you may want to think about getting the thicker cables for a better signal. The AWG is the Wire Gauge, and the lower the number, the thicker the cable. All cables have layers of shielding in them, plus they are a digital cable (zeros and ones) instead of analog, so the picture will come out clean and sharp. If you are unsure as to which cable to get, call us or email us today !!

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