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The EC2 connector is a type of electrical connector used predominantly in the radio-controlled (RC) hobby industry, particularly for smaller or lower-power applications. It’s part of the EC series, which includes larger connectors like the EC3 and EC5, designed for progressively higher power needs.

Key features of the EC2 connector include:

  • Current Capacity: EC2 connectors are capable of handling up to 30 amps of continuous current, making them suitable for lightweight and low-power applications.
  • Size and Design: The connectors feature a 2mm bullet diameter, usually encased in a blue plastic housing. This housing helps to prevent short circuits and ensures connections are made with the correct polarity.
  • Safety and Convenience: The design includes a genderless housing, which simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting without the need to distinguish between male and female parts. The secure connection also helps to prevent accidental disconnections under load.

EC2 connectors are commonly used in small RC vehicles, drones, and other electronic devices where power demands are relatively low but a reliable and efficient connection is still crucial.

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