CCTV, CATV, and Digital Satellite Gold Plated F-type 2 Way 5-2400MHz Signal Splitter


Our Part No.: S02-02-KG

Mfg Part No.: S02-02-KG

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This premium signal splitter is able to split a single input signal into multiple separate signals. Convenient and ideal for those who have the need for additional outputs into multiple displays from one source. This splitter functions at a range of 5-2400Mhz and handles the split without any perceivable loss of picture or sound quality. The rust proof gold plating on both the body and contact ensures a long and durable life for your audio equipment as well as an outstanding, interference free, transference of data. Product Description
  • Non-power & Digital Ready
  • 5~2400MHz
  • 1 input 2 output
  • 2-way F-type splitter
  • Gold plated body & contacts.
  • Best for satellite TV etc.
    Frequency Range (MHz) 5~47 47~950 950~2150 2150~2400
    Insertion Loss In Out 4.5 dB 6.0 dB 6.8 dB 7.0 dB
    Isolation Out - Out 8 dB 18 dB 18 dB 18 dB
    Return Loss In 8 dB 8 dB 8 dB 8 dB
    Return Loss Out 8 dB 8 dB 8 dB 8 dB

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