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How to assemble a Tool-Less Keystone Jack

How to assemble a Tool-Less Keystone Jack

Using the standard Tool-Less Keystone Jack, here is a quick easy little demonstration as to how to assemble it.
Strip the jacket about 1".
The color wiring scheme will follow either 568A or 568B standards. Notice the "A" (top) and "B" (bottom) wiring schemes provided. Follow the color pattern from left to right. The wiring scheme chosen should be consistent on both ends of the CAT5 cable.

Follow the color guide and place a few wires into the keystone. Place each wire so that the wire comes close to touching the end (about 80-90% of the way in).

While the wires are nicely layed in, place the black crimping tool over the wires (as shown), make sure the tool "catches", and then press down.
This will push the wires down.

Verify that the wires are have been pushed to the bottom inside the keystone.

Repeat the procedure for the remaining wires.
Place the color cap over the keystone. It will snap in very lightly.

Next, the white cap will be used to secure the color cap.
Here is the assembled unit.

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